Bed Room

Elura designers is an emerging brand in the field of architecture and Interior designer’s in South Bangalore.The designers have always kept the promise of providing one of the best designs for the customers. While we design your bedroom we consider lots of factors such as colour, furniture, flooring, textures etc. There is lots of elements to make your bed look warm and charming. Who wouldn’t love to jump in a nice cosy comfortable bed for a good sleep?
Bedroom is an important part for most of the clients as it is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Even there are lots of classifications in bedroom style that is not only meant for you but also for guest. Make your guests feel comfortable with our attractive designing patterns.We have been able to provide lots of Interior designs both inside and outside Bangalore.

Some of most popular styles of Bedroom

Modern bedrooms: A modern bedroom is bedroom style with grey, white or black serving as simple and base colours.
Country style bedrooms: A country style bedroom is bedroom with neutral shades for walls and white with a hint of lilac, blue or green helps to create a softer look.
Industrial style bedrooms: Industrial style bedrooms as the name suggests these have the appearance with raw elements and unfinished textures.
Exposed brickwork is a popular choice for this particular style and truly characterises the utilitarian look.
Rustic style bedrooms: Rustic style bedrooms are all about solid wood, which can be used with bed frames, timber walls, flooring and even ceilings.
Rustic bedroom décor combines well with minimalist designs
Scandinavian style bedrooms: Scandinavian style bedrooms are characterised by their simplicity, functionality and elegance.
Lets design your space we are one of the best Interior designers in South Bangalore.