Elura designers is one of the Best interior designers in Banashankari with years of service in creating the customers dreams into reality. Kitchen is an important part while designing a house.
We cannot imagine a home without kitchen. It is a place where most of the women in the family gather to talk while preparing their delicious food.
For ideal kitchen there is lots of space to be designed. Bring home the best kitchen design for your kitchen and let it shine.
Kitchen is further classified mainly into 2 types –

Traditional Kitchen –

Traditional type of kitchen is a type of kitchen with huge space and is inspired for old designing of kitchen. In traditional kitchen it is mainly designed with wooden materials.
Traditional Kitchens is having a classic look that shows back to the past kitchen style. With good woods and other materials traditional kitchen can last for many years.
If you love traditional styles then traditional kitchen is meant for you. Contact with our experts for knowing one of the best traditional kitchen style for you.
Elura designers is one of the Best interior designers in Banashankari for bring back your traditional styles.

Modular Kitchen

The changing style in the modern world has brought changes in all our life style. These changes have even influenced our kitchens from adapting to modular kitchen. The changes have substituted our traditional kitchen to modular kitchen by most of the people.
Modular kitchen also know as smart kitchen is a kitchen space designed with lots space for latest appliances for making the cooking easier and space for placing all the smart appliances and other kitchen tools ideally.
Smart appliance includes oven, grinder, mixer etc. all these have to be placed ideally.
Modern kitchens should be catered to suit your every need, which is why the personalisation available makes buying with us an ideal choice.
Every purpose and preference has been considered, so take a look at the collection and find your perfect modern kitchen design.
For more visit our nearby showroom or contact with our customer care.